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  • Godfrey Ikuvwerha igotraffic Godfrey Ikuvwerha
    • kunle kunleboss kunle Lagos

      Nice Human being

      • Owope Jesuseun Adebo sophia Owope Jesuseun Adebo Lagos

        A breathtaking reflection of God's love...

        • Awos quadotenshi Awos Ikorodu

          full pisces

          • Rabiu Niyi niyious2000 Rabiu Niyi
            • Lasaki Mobolaji mobolaji Lasaki Mobolaji Mainland

              just a wonderful personalty....don't dare anywayz

              • Ajayi Olaoluwa ajayiolaoluwa Ajayi Olaoluwa Lagos, Nigeria

                holla @ me

                • Aikhuele David Olumese davoucci Aikhuele David Olumese Lagos, Nigeria

                  I am as constant as the Northern star whose true fix and value never changes.

                  • Tolu Collins tolucolls Tolu Collins Ikeja

                    Short, full of life and YES, I hate traffic lock

                    • trafficwatch trafficwatch trafficwatch Lagos
                      • Vanessa vanessa Vanessa Obanikoro, Lagos

                        cool, calm and reserved