Notices by Doyin (daregbs), page 2

  1. Doyin Doyin→†’ From Anthony Isale to Maryland is Blocked caused by Too many vehicles

    Anthony all thru to Maryland and towards Mobolaji Bank-Anthony is very blocked. I cannot verify the cause of the traffic at this moment

    Friday, 08-May-15 11:10:54 WAT from iPhone
  2. Thursday, 01-Jan-70 01:00:00 WAT from web
  3. Doyin Doyin→†’ From Dolphins to Osborne is Slow caused by Traffic Light

    Dolphin is Osborne traffic light is slow

    Friday, 08-May-15 09:05:51 WAT from iPhone
  4. Doyin Doyin→†’ From Third Mainland Bridge to Iyana Oworo is Slow caused by Too many vehicles

    6:40pm - Adekunle to just behind Unilag on Third Mainland is moving but slow thereafter all the way to Iyana Oworo

    Tuesday, 28-Apr-15 18:35:54 WAT from iPhone
  5. Doyin Doyin→†’ From Adeniji to Adekunle (HMR) is Moving

    6:30pm Adeniji to Adekunle is moving very well

    Tuesday, 28-Apr-15 18:29:00 WAT from iPhone
  6. Doyin Doyin→†’ From Dolphins to Adeniji is Moving

    End of Osborne through Dolphin to Adeniji is moving not totally free but moving

    Tuesday, 28-Apr-15 18:27:26 WAT from iPhone
  7. Doyin Doyin→†’ From Lekki Roundabout to Admiralty Tollgate is Moving

    4:59pm- Admiralty road to Lekki/Ikoyi Tollgate is moving, little hiccup at the roundabout before the toll

    Monday, 27-Apr-15 17:00:23 WAT from iPhone