Olorunsogo (olorunsogo) bus-stop


  1. Awos Awos→†’

    From Olorunsogo to Olosha is Slow
    market activities there

    Tuesday, 28-Jun-16 18:27:21 WAT from web
    • Thursday, 01-Jan-70 01:00:00 WAT from web
      • timilehin timilehin→†’

        From Olorunsogo to Mushin is Free
        good to go

        Monday, 16-Mar-15 15:02:03 WAT from web
      • Awos Awos→†’

        From Olorunsogo to Challenge is Free

        Monday, 29-Sep-14 17:17:50 WAT from web
      • trafficwatch trafficwatch→†’

        From Olorunsogo to is Moving
        steady movement on this route, traffic gradually building towards #

        Friday, 28-Mar-14 14:56:24 WAT from web
        • Ayo Alatishe Ayo Alatishe→†’

          From Olorunsogo to Sadiku is Slow caused by Flood
          Plenty flood causing plenty traffic going towards oshodi from olorunsogo/mushin....via tsaboin.com

          Friday, 12-Jul-13 14:42:29 WAT from Android at Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
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