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  1. trafficwatch trafficwatch→†’

    construction work @ # has been completed. traffic moving slow 4 now, drive easy. @tsaboin, tsaboin.com/general; #,

    Monday, 03-Jun-13 16:46:05 WAT from web in context
  2. Thursday, 01-Jan-70 01:00:00 WAT from web
  3. Ayo Alatishe Ayo Alatishe→†’

    From Adura to Kolington Bus Stop is Slow
    Still sunkere fakere all the way to kola...via tsaboin.com # #

    Friday, 08-Feb-13 19:23:06 WAT from mobile
  4. Ayo Alatishe Ayo Alatishe→†’

    From Meiran to Adura is Slow
    Reali slow, this quite weird, i wonder wats causing the traffic... #, #, via tsaboin.com

    Tuesday, 30-Oct-12 18:51:22 WAT from mobile