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  1. Awos Awos→†’

    traffic almost at every major point along # IBA # # # # dis morning!

    Monday, 02-Jun-14 08:17:13 WAT from web in context
  2. Thursday, 01-Jan-70 01:00:00 WAT from web

    From Iyana Oworo to Adeniji is Blocked
    @dejilabi007: @tsaboin Worst # traffic I've seen in a yl. Right from # WORO... # #

    Monday, 28-Oct-13 08:55:09 WAT from web at Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria in context

    From Ile Zik to Araromi is Slow
    @ogbeche77: @tsaboin # ZIK to # IPAJA # is na bumper 2 bumper ooo ...via tsaboin.com/general

    Friday, 26-Jul-13 17:08:52 WAT from web at Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
  5. Awos Awos→†’

    @tsaboin via tsaboin.com # IPAJA traffic on d expressway is terrible. No thanks to commercial buses picking passengers

    Thursday, 28-Mar-13 09:41:35 WAT from TalkLite in context
  6. Awos Awos→†’

    From Iyana Oworo to Ogudu is Moving
    As the case always is, so it is today, nothing is identifable as the cause of the traffic at # oworo

    Friday, 11-Jan-13 17:49:36 WAT from mobile