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  1. Dele Odufuye Dele Odufuye→†’

    From Redeem Camp to AP (Mowe) is Slow caused by Too many vehicles
    @levihabila: # inward # frm Reedem is not funny @All. My waist ohhh!!! http://bit.ly/1raYThu

    Sunday, 21-Dec-14 20:39:39 WAT from web at Abule Ijesha, Lagos, Nigeria
  2. Thursday, 01-Jan-70 01:00:00 WAT from web

    From Mowe to Ibafo is Slow
    @hart_bala: slow movement from !MOWE down to !IBAFO # #

    Wednesday, 08-Oct-14 08:54:37 WAT from web at Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria in context

    @EVEISIMOYA: @tsaboin, LONG BRIDGE inward Lagos, is free now. #/ibd xprx” #

    Tuesday, 03-Sep-13 13:23:15 WAT from web at Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria in context
  5. Awos Awos→†’

    @lazb104: Serious traffic approaching BERGER via tsaboin.com (outward) #/IB exp lockerz.com/s/289240094

    Tuesday, 09-Apr-13 11:27:42 WAT from TalkLite in context
  6. Awos Awos→†’

    From 7up to Berger (Ori Oke) is Slow caused by Flood
    @lazb104: via tsaboin.com @tsaboin Serious traffic approaching berger (outward) #/IB exp lockerz.com/s/289240094

    Tuesday, 09-Apr-13 11:00:27 WAT from TalkLite
  7. trafficwatch trafficwatch→†’

    From Iyana (Dopemu) to Cement is Slow
    its a TRAFFIC Friday today. #/Abk expressway. tsaboin.com/general.

    Friday, 22-Feb-13 13:22:56 WAT from web
  8. Thursday, 01-Jan-70 01:00:00 WAT from web
  9. Awos Awos→†’

    From Magboro to Kara is Moving
    @olujay5 Go slow starts from World Oil inward Berger #/Ibad Exp. It's slow up to Toll Gate and probably beyond. Opposite fine @tsaboin

    Monday, 21-Jan-13 09:39:11 WAT from web