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  1. Awos Awos→†’

    From Aga to Ojubode is Free
    # # # # all free and smooth

    Wednesday, 20-Nov-13 05:47:30 WAT from Android
  2. Thursday, 01-Jan-70 01:00:00 WAT from web
  3. Awos Awos→†’

    From General Hospital/Council to Ita-Elewa is Free
    @tsaboin via tsaboin.com good flow right through # straight to #

    Monday, 08-Apr-13 09:55:42 WAT from TalkLite
  4. Awos Awos→†’

    From Police Post to Ojubode is Free
    @tsaboin via tsaboin.com good flow to # and on to #

    Tuesday, 26-Mar-13 09:12:29 WAT from TalkLite