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    From Sangotedo to Ajah is Blocked caused by Flood
    @xttobliss !Sangotedo -> !Ajah-> !VGC Locked Down. 3hrs & Counting. # https://www.tsaboin.com/url/84876

    Wednesday, 15-Jun-16 10:46:01 WAT from web at Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
  2. Thursday, 01-Jan-70 01:00:00 WAT from web
  3. Traffic Alert Traffic Alert→†’

    From Adeola Odeku to Federal Palace Hotel is Blocked
    Odeku influx AHMADU BELLO way is # ATM

    Tuesday, 27-Oct-15 18:28:53 WAT from web at Black Mesa Cemetery, New Mexico, United States
  4. roadwatch roadwatch→†’

    @Habeebbrax !Falomo bridge in and out heavier than olumo rock atm #

    Monday, 17-Aug-15 08:11:18 WAT from web in context
  5. Ajayi Olaoluwa Ajayi Olaoluwa→†’

    From Agidingbi to First Gate (Agidingbi) is Slow caused by Too many vehicles
    AGIDINGBI still on traffic gridlock. At a sport in front of CADBURY #

    Friday, 03-Jul-15 21:03:03 WAT from TalkLite at Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria
  6. trafficwatch trafficwatch→†’

    From 7up to Alapere is Blocked caused by Truck Breakdown
    Backlog from !Iyanaoworo is the cause. #

    Saturday, 19-Jul-14 13:31:45 WAT from Blackberry
  7. trafficwatch trafficwatch→†’

    From Iyana Iba to Volks Iyanaiba is Slow
    @tsaboin: this # road is very slow, more like # tsaboin.com/general; #

    Wednesday, 06-Nov-13 12:05:08 WAT from web
  8. Thursday, 01-Jan-70 01:00:00 WAT from web
  9. trafficwatch trafficwatch→†’

    From Anthony Isale to Maryland is Blocked
    @tsaboin: its axis is a no go area # tsaboin.com/general; #

    Thursday, 17-Oct-13 08:58:55 WAT from web in context